The Power of Family Dinners

The Power of Family Dinners

Now more than ever in these times of change and uncertainty it’s important you stay connected with your family and to create healthy routines of regularly checking in and communicating openly. Family dinners offer a great opportunity to implement this as it creates a ritual the whole family can look forward to!

What are the benefits?

Research has revealed that taking advantage of the moments that you are able to get the family around the table has significant health, social and family development benefits. After all, the dinner table is a communal place of conversation and where you can connect with your children. Some of the main benefits we find associated with regular family dinners include improvements in overall mental health and building a safe space and open space for your children to talk about their day and any concerns they may have.

What can you do to implement positive changes?

  • Put away all devices and turn off the TV. This will encourage conversation and ensure that everyone is focusing on each other.
  • If you can, involve your kids in dinner preparation or setting the table. By including them in the process it makes them more excited to sit down knowing they have contributed.
  • Take turns talking. Some family members may overpower the conversation leaving other with little to no time to speak. By taking turns and ensuring everyone is equally heard, take turns around the table.

Keeping Dinner Time interesting

As we are spending more time with our family at home, it would be understandable if your family starts to feel ‘bored’ or ‘sick of’ the same routine and space. Without the luxury of escaping for family dinners at your favourite restaurant, it’s time to think of new ways to bring together for dinner. Here are some of our ideas and things we’re doing at home to help our family feel connected and entertained! 

  • Picnic in the lounge room
  • Build a fort for dinner
  • Dinner theme nights (e.g. pirate party theme night)
  • Play ‘restaurant’ (print a menu and get the kids to order food & vice versa)

Looking for easy solutions and fun ideas for family dinners?

Around The Table are dedicated to helping you remove dinnertime hassles, so your family can enjoy connecting over this important nightly ritual, more often. Our chef has designed a family-friendly range of 15 premium meals, that kids love, plus a selection of sauces, sides and mains so that you can create your own meals in minutes. By saving you hours in the kitchen, you can transition from getting home to sitting down to eat faster, investing more time into bonding Around The Table.

We also support family fun and engagement by including 5 of our unique Activity Cards that are designed by experts to help facilitate engaging conversation and provide an atmosphere of fun during family mealtimes.

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